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Radiator Replacement Federal WayYour radiator is what keeps your car from overheating, and is, therefore, one of the most important systems in your vehicle. If you have not had your radiator serviced in a while or you see signs that your car is heating too quickly, it is time to bring your car in and see a professional mechanic for radiator replacement at Federal Way Automotive & Radiator.

As coolant moves through your vehicle’s engine, the air is blown over the coolant by a fan. The heat is then moved out of the engine and cooler liquid recirculates back through, carrying out more heat. The engine¬†cooling system regulates the temperature of your engine. Keep it from overheating with radiator replacement for your car or truck from Federal Way Automotive & Radiator.

Symptoms That You Need Radiator Replacement Federal Way

There are a few warning signs to look for that may indicate you should bring your car in for radiator replacement Federal Way. This includes things like:

  • Leaking radiator fluid – If you see a greenish liquid under the spot where you park, you are leaking radiator fluid that likely needs to be replaced.
  • Heating up too quickly – If you notice the heat gauge in your vehicle shows your car is heating up more than normal when driving or soon after you start your vehicle, then you may need radiator replacement.
  • Overheating – If the gauge in your vehicle moves near or into the red zone, you need to get your car in right away.
  • Steam under the hood – If steam is coming from under the hood, your car is likely overheating and needs to be brought in immediately for radiator replacement.

We provide a different level of service

We offer a 22-point inspection of your cooling system. Our expert mechanic will conduct a thorough diagnosis on your entire radiator and cooling system to ensure the health of every aspect of that system.

Radiator Inspection and Auto Repair Services

  • 22-Point radiator and vehicle inspection, including serpentine belts
  • One Hour diagnosis for the price of a half-hour of work
  • Inspection of all hoses and timing belts
  • Cylinder head gasket check
  • Testing for a plugged radiator
  • Check cooling fan operation
  • Leak inspection
  • Thermostat check
  • Written estimate on repairs

We recommend flushing your cooling system once a year. It is also advisable to get the full radiator inspection at that time. We offer certified, well-trained radiator technicians who gently care for your vehicle like it was our own.

Radiator Services Federal WayWith nearly 30 years in the radiator business, our knowledge and experience cannot be beaten. We take time to answer your questions and go over the details of your radiator diagnostics and maintenances with you, including all the belts and other parts of the radiator for your car or truck. Our qualified technicians stake their reputation on honest, reliable, quality service. Check out our A+ rating with the BBB and our highly-starred reviews on various review sites. We care about fostering good relationships and offering top-quality service and repairs from a mechanic you can count on. Call or email Federal Way Automotive & Radiator today to speak to an expert mechanic about our quality auto repair services at affordable prices.

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Couldn’t keep the heat down

Couldn’t keep the heat down on my old truck, but with your help we’re back on the road. Thanks bros

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