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Federal Way Automotive & Radiator offers customers a comprehensive 22-point inspection of their radiator. Your radiator handles the transfer of heat from the car’s engine to keep the engine cool. When it is not kept clean and operating well your vehicle can overheat, causing serious—and sometimes irreparable—damage to the engine. We offer radiator replacement near Edgewood that keeps your automobile’s engine running at a proper temperature, keeping it safe from the damage caused by overheating.

Ask us about our deal on a cooling system flush! A flush does much more than just drain the antifreeze from the radiator, it removes contaminants that would otherwise stay stuck in the radiator while also lubricating the water pump. Getting a radiator flush once a year is generally the suggested time frame for most vehicles unless otherwise stated in your owner’s manual. This, along with our complete inspection of your radiator and cooling system from our certified technician, removes grime, improves your car’s efficiency, and protects and extends the life of your water pump. Contact Federal Way Automotive & Radiator today for quality automotive repair!

Symptoms you may need a radiator replacement

Other than coming in for annual radiator maintenance, there are a few warning signs that your vehicle may be experiencing issues with the cooling system. Here are some indicators to watch out for:

  • Leaking radiator fluid – Radiator coolant fluid is a greenish color. If you see it pooling under the spot where park, you should come in for radiator replacement. We will locate the source of the coolant leak and replace the hose or seal causing the problem.
  • Heating too quickly -Cars naturally warm up as they drive, however, if you notice the heat gauge on your car increases quickly after starting it, it is a warning sign that there is a problem with your radiator.
  • Overheating – Any time you see your heat needle getting near the red warning zone, it is an immediate signal that you need to get the car in for radiator replacement. If you are not close to our shop, pull the car over and let it cool before driving any further. It is a good idea to have the vehicle towed in for service at that point.
  • Steam from under the hood – Like seeing the needle in the red zone, this is a warning that needs to be taken seriously and requires you to stop the car as soon as it is safe. You should not drive, but have the vehicle towed, if you see steam coming from under the hood. In this case, the car is already overheated and needs to cool down before more damage occurs.

Superior Service and Radiator Replacement near Edgewood

Our radiator inspection and service includes:

  • 22-Point radiator inspection
  • One Hour diagnosis for the cost of a half-hour of work
  • Inspection of all hoses and belts
  • Cylinder head gasket check
  • Testing for a plugged radiator
  • Check cooling fan operation
  • Leak inspection
  • Thermostat check
  • Written radiator replacement estimate

We carefully hand-select our ASE-certified master technicians. Each has expertise in radiator inspection, service, and replacement for any make or model vehicle. When you come to us we guarantee our services, so you can feel completely confident your car is getting the best possible service and auto repair. We strive to keep our costs affordable and we offer friendly, informative customer care.

Call today to find out what specials we are running on radiator replacement near Edgewood.

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Couldn’t keep the heat down

Couldn’t keep the heat down on my old truck, but with your help we’re back on the road. Thanks bros

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