Where can you get some good quality pizza in Federal Way?

Pizza time? Check out the local favorites!

While Italy may be known as the pizza capital of the world, it’s really the United States of America who are the pizza kings. In fact, roughly 40 million Americans–close to 15% of the population–will eat pizza for a meal today. That’s almost the entire population of Italy! Pizza has become synonymous with American culture, and it’s one of the few things that transcends USĀ cultural boundaries, as the New York urbanites and Deep South are both happy to have the best of pies. This also means that you’re sure to find multiple pizza places in just about every city in the country. Unfortunately, just as it’s important when looking for the right auto repair shop, it’s important to remember that not all pizza establishments are equal. And if you’re in Federal Way WA, you’ll want to skip out on the sub-par and go with the SUPar instead, and enjoy it after a visit to an activity center or a day at theĀ park!

Best Sit-Down Pizzeria in Federal Way

A popular trend gaining traction on the west coast are wood-fired pizzas. These special pizza ovens use wood as their fuel for a unique flavor that can’t be replicated. Pizzas are cooked at temperatures that sometimes reach 1000 degrees or even higher, meaning less waiting time for you! And Federal Way has their own wood-fired masterpiece at Gino’s Bistro at SW 319th Pl and 47th Ave SW. While not a traditional pizzeria, this Italian restaurant serves many specialty pizzas such as the Dolce that comes with garlic sauce, cranberries and walnuts, grilled pears, and balsamic glaze. This also means that you have the opportunity to have authentic Italian desserts such as Spumoni and Salted Caramel Gelato, so don’t miss out!

Best Carryout/Delivery Pizza

Not everyone has the time to enjoy their pizza at a sit-down restaurant. And not everybody wants to. Some people prefer stopping by on their way home and grabbing an enormous pizza or two for a party. And other people prefer that the pizza comes to them through a fast delivery service. A no-frills pizza joint offering casual snackfood and variety of pizzas is the way to go for many of these people. The best deal around for all of the above in Federal Way goes to Pizza Pizazz off 1st Ave S and SW 330th St.

One thing that sets Pizza Pizazz apart is the sheer number of sizes they offer, so you’ll find something that works for you no matter your appetite. Most places have 2 or 3 sizes of pizza. Pizza Pizazz has 5. Ranging from the 10-inch small all the way up to the 18-inch Mondo, there’s a new size at 2-inch intervals so you can get exactly how much you need. Specialty pizzas include typical choices like supreme and all meat, with some hybrid options like Taco (refried beans) and Bacon Cheeseburger (Barbeque sauce). But the pizza doesn’t have to go alone! One of the most popular add-ons is the stuffed pizza rolls. These wrapped pizza bites come in a plethora of flavors from Pepperoni and cheese to Chicken, bacon, and Pepper Jack and are hard to put down. And if someone is against pizza (for some reason), they also have salads, pasta, and hot subs!

It’s okay if you stop for a slice (or pizza) before taking your car into Federal Way Automotive & Radiator. And feel free to share with us too! Don’t feel like starting your day with pizza? Check out our guide to some of the best coffee in town instead.