Try out these local parks in Federal Way!

Are there any good parks in Federal Way?

Some cities are tight nit and don’t have much room to go outside and enjoy nature. Bigger cities may have a shared park, but these parks are essentially more of the urban environment with a pretty backdrop. Federal Way strikes a perfect balance, with suburbs, activity centers, and outdoor parks. And of course, there are plenty of places to pick up a pizza and have an outdoor picnic! It might seem like there’s nothing besides building, but if you look closely, you’ll find so much more. So when your car needs repairs, drop it off with us at Federal Way Automotive & Radiator, then spend the rest of the day enjoying yourselves while we work quickly to fix it up.

Want to try the wetlands? Go to West Hyelbos Park!

The wetlands are a unique ecosystem where you can find a plethora of different types of wildlife you can’t see anywhere else. Federal Way has it’s own slice of the wetlands at West Hylebos Park off S 348th St and 1st Ave S. And while they’re a wonder to look at, don’t go out there and disturb the sensitive ecosystem! Instead, stick the to designated walking and hiking paths to keep everything safe. This escape from the city is right in the middle of Federal Way, and you won’t believe there are buildings so close!

Ready for the company softball game? Then choose Celebration Park!

Sports are a good time for a lot of people. But they’re a lot more fun when you have the proper facilities to play on. With a baseball diamond with permanent bases, you don’t have to take Johnny’s word on where 1st base actually is because there’s no dispute! For fully-functioning baseball and soccer fields, take a trip over to Celebration Park at Celebration Park Rd in between S 330th St and S 332nd st. For the little ones that want something a little less competitive, the park also has playground equipment and even a few walking trails. Located right by the city post office, it’s always nice to take a few minutes to relax after picking up the mail.

There’s even a beach in Federal Way at Dash Point State Park!

Is Federal Way a coast town? That depends on your definition. While it technically touches a body of water that comes straight from the Pacific Ocean, it’s also technically a bay. But it still has a sandy beach! As a state park, Dash Point State Park has all the amenities. With public restrooms, picnic tables, and even a campground, you won’t run out of things to do for a while when you stop by this park that has a gorgeous view of Puget Sound. Enjoy saltwater fishing, swimming, and kayaking out in the water, or say inland with 11 miles of hiking trails and 8 miles of trails for bikes. There’s even an amphitheater! Shows and plays are put on here occasionally, including interpretive opportunities for the hearing impaired.

From Dash Point State Park, take this route to come pick up your car from us!