Car Maintenance Federal Way

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance Federal Way
Keeping your car well maintained is not only the best way to increase the life of your car, it is also the best way to avoid a breakdown or costly repair that comes out of the blue. Federal Way Automotive & Radiator has only ASE certified technicians with a broad range of experience who can work on any make or model car, truck or van, and any age of vehicle. Whether you have a custom classic vehicle or a newer model fleet vehicle, we will help you keep it in excellent shape with our car maintenance in Federal Way.

What are the benefits of regular car maintenance?

  • Better gas mileage. A car that is kept in good condition–meaning everything is well lubricated, the filters are clean, fluids are topped-off, and parts are not allowed to get too worn before they are replaced—runs at an optimal level. That equates to better fuel-efficiency.
  • Save money. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention. Keeping your car in good shape with regular car maintenance will help you avoid repairs that cost more because the damage has gotten worse over time. Parts are replaced before they cause a breakdown or damage other surrounding systems.
  • Longevity. Car maintenance keeps your vehicle running well so you can get the most miles out of it.
  • Increase safety. Having a car that is in good shape means less of a chance of dealing with a breakdown or malfunction while you are driving.
  • Stay current on warranty maintenance. Many factory warranties are only good if you can prove you have done due diligence at keeping your vehicle well maintained. We hit those required marks you need to demonstrate regular maintenance and we also let you know when factory recommendations for replacing parts are due.

Complete Car Maintenance in Federal Way

All car maintenance begins with a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Our car maintenance in Federal Way offers you a peek into what is going on with your car. We inspect all the common culprits and make sure that anything getting close to the the recommended replacement is on the report we give you. We look for any signs of trouble. When we find a problem beyond what comes with a general tune up, we wait to get your approval before doing any work.

If we do find the need for repairs, we are able to handle them for you. We offer a full-range of auto repair services by our knowledgeable technicians. From radiators to engines and transmissions, we expertly handle your repair.

What do you do during a car maintenance?

  • Faulty sensorsCar Maintenance Federal Way
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel filters
  • Air filters
  • Timing adjustments
  • Clutch adjustments
  • Oil and coolant levels checked and topped off
  • Check for buildup and grime in the fuel injectors
  • And more

Contact us today for your full-service car maintenance in Federal Way. We deliver excellent car care every time—guaranteed!

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My mom suggested Federal Way auto to me and I’m glad I went. Easy, non stressful experience. Thanks.

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