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Did You Fail the Washington State Emissions Test?

Don’t worry; all hope is not lost. Even if your vehicle failed the Washington State Emissions Test, it’s not necessarily a costly fix. There are multiple things that can go wrong during an emissions inspection, and the emissions repair experts at Federal Way Automotive can help diagnose and repair any issues with your vehicle’s emissions. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

How to Prepare for the Washington State Emissions Test

You can’t fool the emission testing equipment, but you can make sure your vehicle is ready for a vehicle inspection by doing the following:

  • Check oil. Change the oil (if needed) or adjust the oil level as necessary (according to manufacturer guidelines).
  • Check coolant. If you’re low on coolant, make sure to add the enough to get to the recommended level.
  • Warm the engine. Your vehicle is its most efficient after running for at least 15 minutes (on the freeway, if possible).
  • Keep the engine running. While waiting in line for the emissions inspection, keep your vehicle running to keep the engine warm and running efficiently.
  • Turn off radio and air conditioning. Your car runs more efficiently when the radio and air conditioning (and other accessories) are off.
  • Check the gas cap. Make sure your gas cap is securely fastened and has a proper seal before the emissions inspection.

Why Does Washington State Require Emissions Testing?

The Washington Vehicle Emissions Inspections websites states that emissions testing was brought about because “some areas have air quality problems due to motor vehicle emissions. Children, the elderly, and people with breathing problems are most affected by air pollution; however, it does affect all of us.” By keeping up with routine maintenance and related repairs, your vehicle should have no problem at all passing the emissions test. However, in the case that your car does fail the emissions inspection, you can bring it to Federal Way Automotive for any emissions problem!

What Happens if You Fail the Washington State Emissions Test?

what happens if i fail washington state emissions test

If you fail the Washington State Emissions Test, bring your vehicle to Federal Way Automotive for comprehensive diagnosis and repair!

If your vehicle does not pass the emissions test, you will receive a vehicle inspection report from the lane operator which details the reasons why your vehicle failed the test. Make sure to bring this document with you to the auto repair shop to assist with vehicle diagnostics and the related repairs. The ASE-certified technicians at Federal Way Automotive will run detailed diagnostics tests on your vehicle to determine what the issue is, whether it’s related to the oxygen sensor, the emissions control system, or the vehicle’s computer.

Perform Required Emissions Repairs

After your vehicle fails the emissions test, it’s important to get the required repairs as soon as possible. Once you have repaired the vehicle, you can return to the emissions test station for a re-test.

Emissions Re-Test

The first re-test in the State of Washington is free. If you fail the emissions test again, however, you will need to pay the fee again before receiving another test.

Are Emissions Repairs Covered Under Warranty?

The short answer is: It depends. While some emissions repairs are covered under a manufacturer warranty or an extended service contract, others may not be covered. You may need to inquire with the manufacturer to determine the details of any warranty coverage. If your vehicle fails an emissions inspection and requires repairs, you’ll likely need to prove that you kept up with manufacturer-recommended maintenance to qualify for warranty coverage.

Get a Pre-Test Inspection at Federal Way Automotive

You can avoid the stress and hassle of failing an emissions inspection by taking your car to Federal Way Automotive for a pre-test inspection. Additionally, vehicle owners can avoid a check engine light fiasco by making sure all of the following is up to par on their car:

  • Check exhaust system for leaks.
  • Check for gas, coolant, and oil leaks.
  • Check the vehicle’s gas cap.
  • Diagnose any check engine light codes.
  • Check fluid levels.

Additionally, make sure to leave any pets and passengers at home for the emissions inspection. Keep your inspection report with all of your other documents for your vehicle. Detach any trailers (if applicable) before heading to the testing center.

How Can Federal Way Automotive Help You?

If you recently failed the Washington State Emissions Test, you can come to Federal Way Automotive for emission repairs and pre-test inspections. No matter what the issue is, whether you need an oil change, an evaluation of an air injection system, excessive exhaust emissions, or faulty spark plugs, our technicians can handle it. We have all the latest technology and scan tools to help us properly diagnose and repair your vehicle. Call today for an appointment!