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repair garageMany people think antifreeze, also known as coolant, is not necessary outside of the winter months. They either neglect to check or top off this fluid, or they use water in the radiator instead. However, coolant and water do not have the same effect on the engine. Coolant is a necessity for keeping your engine from overheating in the high summer temperatures. Get your vehicle in for a 22-point cooling system check for your radiator in Federal Way.

What Coolant Does for Your Car

A car’s engine gets hot from use. Couple that with summer heat or just a long drive, and it can easily get too hot. Overheating an engine can cause serious and even permanent damage. Coolant is able to absorb the heat from the engine as it circulates through. It does this with far better efficiency than water can do alone. The absorbed heat is then dissipated, keeping the engine from getting too hot. That is why keeping coolant in the car all summer is so important.

Checking the fluid is relatively easy, but make note—it should only be checked when the engine is cool. Newer cars will have a dipstick or a window where you can see what level the coolant is at. Older cars may not have this feature. If that is the case in your vehicle, don’t worry. All you need to do is make sure you can see the level of fluid. If it is not visible, it is too low.

Why Flush the Radiator?

Coolant, like oil, is not a substance that can be used indefinitely. It does break down after too much use. As the fluid breaks down it creates solid deposits that build up in the car’s radiator. This will eventually clog the coolant’s ability to circulate and disable the cooling system. Getting the radiator flushed each season is an important part of your car’s maintenance and upkeep.

Keeping your car cool in the high temperatures of the summer is as simple as that. If you haven’t already done so, get your vehicle in for a radiator flush and coolant refill. Auto care professionals will also check your thermostat and hoses to be sure the entire cooling system is ready for those long day-trip getaways in the height of the summer heat.