Does Your Vehicle Need New Tires?
April 24, 2014

Radiator Repair Federal WayA fully working and effective radiator keeps your engine cool and stops it from overheating and shutting down entirely. If your radiator is giving you problems or showing signs of shutting down, you need to get it addressed quickly before it does severe damage to your engine. If you do not know what signs to look for, the following guide can help you out. Your radiator is essential to your car’s overall performance, and a faulty one needs to be fixed. These signs will indicate a radiator that needs to be looked at by a professional mechanic who specializes in radiators in Federal Way.

Look for Leaks

Check underneath your vehicle for signs of a radiator leak. There will be a puddle under there if a leak is present. The fluid will be bright green. It will also look slimy, and will feel slimy to the touch as well. Be sure to clean up any radiator leaks and wash your hands very well, as radiator fluid can be very hazardous. You can also check the coolant level to see if it is low, as the level will drop quickly if there is a leak. Try filling it up and then keep track of the level for the next couple days. If the fluid hits parts of your engine, it will burn off and leave marks or rust spots, so that is another way to check for leaks.


If you do not notice when a leak is present, the first sign you will not fail to notice is your engine will overheat. A mild leak will simply raise the temperature, but a bad leak will cause the engine to completely shut down and you will be stranded. You risk developing severe engine damage if you do not take any preventive measures. Get the vehicle into a professional auto mechanic who can help you out with the problem. Whether the radiator needs a minor repair or needs to be completely replaced, you will need the help of a professional if you want your vehicle to be in the clear again.

When it comes to radiators, you can never be too careful. Keep an eye out for leaks, and make sure you avoid any overheating situations, as they can truly damage your engine.