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December 15, 2021
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A car is a significant investment. Vehicles require care and regular maintenance in order to perform correctly. Regular maintenance will make your vehicle last you a lot longer, and will save you from encountering costly repairs that are likely to arise due to neglect. Knowing when to get a car tune-up or what kind of replacement parts might be necessary can help save you money in the long run. This article will discuss how often you should get a tune-up on your car and why it’s critical to have regular maintenance done on your vehicle.

What is a car tune-up?

A car tune-up is a process that involves checking and replacing parts of your engine, such as spark plugs or wires. It also includes cleaning the air filter and adjusting other components to ensure they’re working efficiently together. The purpose of this service is to keep all of your vehicle’s moving pieces running smoothly and protect against expensive repairs down the road.

What does a standard tune-up include?

A standard tune-up typically involves conducting a visual inspection, followed by the necessary adjustments and replacements of various components of your car. These will entail any of the activities below:

-Checking and replacing parts such as spark plugs, wires, and belts

-Cleaning air filter

-Adjusting other components for them to work together smoothly

-Replacing the oil and filter

-Checking belts for signs of wear or damage

-Replacing fluids such as coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid

Why should I get a car tune-up?

As your car ages, the parts become more worn down and need replacing. A tune-up is a service that can help protect against some of these issues by ensuring all of your vehicle’s major components are working together correctly. Getting your vehicle serviced has the following benefits:

It cuts down trips to the mechanic

Regular maintenance will help you avoid costly vehicle repairs in the future, especially when it comes to parts that break or wear out quickly, like batteries, tires, and brakes. It’s much easier and cheaper to replace these components ahead of time before they fail.

Increases safety

A full tune-up, including a brake inspection and fluid check, can help ensure you’re getting the best performance from your car’s most essential parts. It is also wise to maintain your tires as they could otherwise cause serious damage while driving.

Raises your car’s fuel economy

Regularly checking your fluids and filters can help improve the performance of your engine, which will ultimately raise the miles per gallon you get from driving. This is especially important if you drive a hybrid or electric car since you have to make sure that all systems are running smoothly to maximize fuel economy while on the road.

Raises resale value

Vehicles that get serviced regularly will sell for a higher price when it comes time to trade in or resell your car. People are more likely to pay a premium on a vehicle that shows signs of being well taken care of and is less likely to break down during the test drive.

Keeps your engine running smoothly

A tune-up can help extend the life of your vehicle by preventing major problems before they start. You won’t have to worry about your engine dying unexpectedly or becoming difficult to start if you get regular tune-ups.

How often should I take my car for a tune-up?

It’s important to have regular tune-ups done, but there is no set interval that one should follow. If your vehicle has been serviced recently and you haven’t driven it long distances, a simple check of the fluids may be all you need. However, if you drive more frequently or for more extended periods each day, getting an inspection sooner may be a better option. As a rule of thumb, If your vehicle does not have electronic ignition, it will need an oil change or a tune-up every 3,000-6,000 miles or twice per year. Whichever milestone you reach first is the time to visit your automobile.

What are the signs my car needs a tune-up?

There are several signs your car needs a tune-up.

-One of the most common is that you’ll notice an increase in engine noise or problems with starting up your vehicle.

-Your car may also start to run roughly during routine driving, which may be the result of worn-out spark plugs and wires.

-If your car stalls out more frequently than usual, it may be due to a lack of power and fuel economy.

-Your oil light might come on if you haven’t changed your engine’s regular maintenance in a while.

-A loss of performance or acceleration could also indicate that there is an underlying problem with one of the components in your car’s engine.Tune-up shop Federal Way

Can I tune-up my own car?

You can perform a tune-up by yourself if your vehicle does not have an electronic ignition. This includes cars made in 1996 or before, usually equipped with points to ignite the spark plugs instead of computerized components. You can change and adjust these parts on your own. If you do this, make sure you are familiar with what your car looks like inside. If you’re not familiar with cars, schedule an appointment with a professional. This will prevent greater issues from occurring.

Need a car tune-up?

If you’ve been experiencing frequent car troubles lately, it might be time to take your car for a tune-up! At Federal Way Automotive & Radiator, we will make sure your vehicle is performing at its best. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and take pride in a track record of customer satisfaction. Visit us today for reliable car tune-ups in Federal Way!