Why You Should Hire An Auto Repair Shop
May 24, 2014
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June 24, 2014

TiresWith summer rolling in and temperatures heating up, road construction is on the way as well. This means there will be a lot of unwanted debris all over the roads you drive on every day. For this reason, you will want to be on the lookout for flat tires. Flat tires are common for most drivers, and, fortunately, they are easy to fix if you run into one, which is why many trusted auto repair in Edgewood shops offer to do it for free. However, you can also work to avoid flat tires by being aware of what causes them.

Pointy Things

The most common sharp object that causes flat tires is a nail. These are often left over from construction projects and simply were not picked up when the construction company moved on to the next project. If you often drive through construction zones on the road, keep a lookout for debris splattered all over the place and try not to drive too close. Other objects you want to look out for include screws, tacks, and glass.

Valve Stem Leaking

Valve stems, like most parts of your car, can wear out over time and develop issues. They can also acquire a lot dirt and grime that will lead to cracks and leaks in the stem. If your valve stem develops a leak, your tire will be flat soon after. Check your valve stems regularly for signs of leakages, and have them replaced if age and wear and tear have been too much for them to handle. These are pretty easy fixes and can be done without too much of a hassle.


While no one likes to think about it all the time, there is a chance your flat tire was caused by vandalism. Vandals will slash tires and make it difficult for repairs. Sometimes, if the damage is too much, a tire will need a full replacement after vandalism has occurred. If you have a flat tire, don’t immediately jump to conclusions, but be aware that it could have been caused by vandals in the area. In most cases, it is good to keep your car in a garage or shop if you are worried about vandalism in your neighborhood.