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Edgewood WA is often misjudged by people looking at its small size of just 8.42 sq. miles and minimal population of around 9900 people. But, this place has a lot of things that may surprise you. Its peaceful setting and natural beauty make it a great place to visit it at least once in your lifetime. It’s close proximity to several bigger cities make this little town the perfect location for business. One can enjoy serene natural landscapes and rivers and if you are willing to travel about 2 1/2 hours, then you can also explore Washington’s beautiful beaches.

If you are still not sure about what to do and where to go, then read on to find all the information you need to explore and enjoy your time in Edgewood WA.

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

The Chihuly Bridge of Glass is must-see near Edgewood WA. This bridge is the connecting point between Thea Foss waterway and the Museum of Glass. It is almost 500 feet long and open to pedestrians 24 hours a day featuring three amazing glass installations which are pure bliss to view. Visiting the bridge at sunset will make for a perfect romantic date with your partner. Seaform Pavillion, the first segment of this bridge is the ceiling of the pavilion, constructed with about 2000 glass objects. Passing through the pavilion will make you feel as if you are underwater. The second phase are the crystal towers which capture natural light and shine beautifully. Finally, the Venetian Wall is almost 80-foot long with 109 Chihuly sculptures. In order to truly appreciate this unique structure, visit Edgewood WA and witness this mesmerizing beauty for yourself.

Nelson Nature Park

If you enjoy visiting national parks, this one has some unique views to offer. Located in a serene wetland area, Nelson Nature Park near Edgewood, WA is home to diverse flora and fauna. You may not find a children’s playground but children are going to love the sights this park displays. It has almost ½ a mile of walking paths surrounded by tall trees and abundant vegetation, the perfect area for those who love to walk in nature to enjoy serenity and peace. It is also ideal for a perfect family picnic in a place that everyone will cherish.

Children’s Museum of Tacoma

Children’s Museum of Tacoma is just 10 minutes away from Edgewood WA and is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids! Established in 1985, the exhibits in this museum are based on multiple themes which rotate every 18 months. The museum works to promote fun learning, wonders of childhood and caters to children’s innovative ideas and playfulness. There is a daycare available for families with younger children. It is the perfect place to leave your child in loving care and explore the other wonders of this amazing place.

Edgemont Park

One of a kind, Edgemont park is spread across 5 acres of land. Its uniqueness lies in the facilities and they provide for kids. The park provides a fully equipped playground, soccer field, separate basketball court and so much more. You and your family can easily spend the entire day at here as it is open until dusk. So pack a lunch, bring the kids and enjoy Edgemont Park’s picnic shelters, drinking fountains and clean restrooms.

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

If you love flowers and gardening, then you must visit this beautiful botanical garden. It boasts a collection of almost 1000 species found in various regions including Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia. Visiting this expansive garden will not only enrich your Edgewood experience but will educate you and your family on different flora species which you may not have heard of.

Nightside Distillery

For the grown-ups, the Nightside Distillery is the place to go for one-of-a-kind spirits. You must be at least 21 to enter, but if you enjoy a good cocktail, then you should visit this place at least once. We assure you it is a great way to top off your visit to Edgewood WA.
Now that you know all that beautiful Edgewood WA has to offer, we are sure that you have started planning for your next vacation already!