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Take care of your own regular car maintenance

In a very real sense your car makes your lifestyle possible. It gets you to work on time, takes you to the store or out for other errands, and is useful for long road trips. Your car is a reliable piece of machinery, but sometimes it needs a little maintenance. For the big automotive repairs you should take it in to see a professional. Here are a few tasks that you can take care of on your own.

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Tire rotation

As you drive, your tires suffer wear and tear. Because of the weight distribution of passengers and cargo, the way you handle it and other factors, they don’t wear evenly. For instance, if you drive alone, the front left tire is under your weight while the other three have less of a load. This makes it more likely that the driver tire wears out in much less time than the other three. If you rotate the position of your tires every month or so you can extend the usable life of each one.

To rotate your tires you need a jack and a lug wrench. Start by jacking up one wheel and using the lug to loosen the nuts over the wheel cap. Remove the nuts and place them on the ground or in a bucket; somewhere where you won’t lose them. Then remove the tire from the wheel. Now take that tire down to the next wheel. Remove the second tire and put the first tire onto the second wheel. From here continue on ot th third and fourth wheels. End by placing the fourth tire over the first wheel.

Air filter replacement

As your car runs, it sucks in air from outside. This is necessary for the fuel to be able to ignite. The same air that circulates under the hood carries a lot of different particles. These particles can cause damage to the lines, fans and other components of your vehicle’s inner workings. The filter catches these particles to keep them from passing on into the motor and causing bigger problems down the line. Over time the caught particles build up in the filter. If it becomes too clogged the filter doesn’t allow in air, which significantly impairs performance. Replacing the filter regularly gives you both protection from particulates and a proper level of air flow.

Despite how important it seems to be, changing out a filter is one of the easiest jobs you can do. Every filter sits in a special housing. It’s large, black and made of plastic. There are tabs clipped to the outside of the housing that keep it securely in place. All you have to do is press in the tabs and lift the top. Once it’s open, just pull out the old filter and toss it. Drop in the new one, making sure that it’s facing the same way as the first filter. Then just close the housing and you’re good to go.

As a money-saving tip, you don’t always have to toss the old filter. Sometimes they’re in decent shape. In that case just take some compressed air, like you might use on a computer keyboard, and use it on the filter. This can remove some stuck-on particles and extend the life of your air filter. Just make sure to check a month or two down the line to ensure that the filter is still in good working order.
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Battery maintenance

Your car’s battery powers the starter and other systems in the vehicle. When you turn the key to your ignition and you don’t hear a click or the sound of the alternator running, it’s a good guess that your battery isn’t working. Most people assume that it’s completely out of juice, but this might not be the case. Your battery could still have a sufficient charge remaining, but it might not be properly connected.

As time goes by, gunk can build up on the battery terminals, which insulates them from powering up the car. Take a look under the hood. Is there a residue caked onto the battery terminals? If so, get yourself a wire brush and a corrosion remover from the auto parts store. You can instead use a mixture of baking soda and water, if you prefer. Remove the battery from the car. You want to disconnect the negative terminal first, then the positive one. After that all you have to do is lift out the battery.

The wire brush can scratch off the corrosion, while the liquid dissolves it and makes it easier to wipe everything away.Once you’ve got them clean, use a small amount of water to rinse away any residue. Make sure that you use a rag to dry the battery thoroughly. Then you can reinstall the battery and see if it works.

Serious auto repairs in Federal Way

If your job calls for more than a simple filter change or tire rotation, it’s a good idea to bring your car to the pros. Federal Way Automotive and Radiator is your premiere neighborhood shop. We’ve been in business since 1982. In that time we’ve seen everything and worked on all major makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our team is filled with knowledgeable, friendly technicians who get the job done right the first time.

If you need help, all you have to do is give us a call or fill out the contact form on this site. We’ll get you in as soon as possible. When your car is with us we take time to give it a thorough inspection and to ensure that we find and fix any problems remaining. We realize how important and precious your safety is, and we make that our top concern. Whether it’s a regular tuneup or a massive repair after an accident, you’re in good hands when you bring your car to Federal Way Automotive and Radiators. Don’t leave the repairs to chance,go with one of the most trusted names in the industry today.