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Federal Way Automotive now features BG Products for better vehicle performance

How can BG Products help my vehicle?

  • Vehicle Engine Lasts Longer
  • Vehicle Performs Better
  • BG PRODUCTS Warranty
  • Fewer Trips For Oil Changes
  • More Money In Your Pocket
  • Extends the Life Of Your Vehicle


      Complete Air Induction System Service

      Air Induction System Service

      The process removes carbon and deposits from injectors, valves, and combustion chambers. Carbon deposits are the result of additives used in modern gasolines to keep them stable and burnable. These necessary chemicals leach out and form formation. This service is recommended for emissions failures, engine pinging problems, rough idle problems, rough idle problems, hard starting, hestiation problems, and as general preventive maintenance. Failure to perform this service could lead to failed emissions, various performance concerns, lowered fuel economy, engine noises and sometimes- engine damage.



      Brake Fluid System Service

      Brake Fluid ServiceBrake fluid is hygroscopic which means it attracts and  absorbs water. This is a natural occurrence in all brake systems. Contrary to a popular myth, there is no such thing as a sealed brake system. Because brake fluid attracts water like a magnet attracts metal, moisture can even be drawn into the fluid through the pores of rubber brake system components. Moisture in the brake system combined with available oxygen, causing oxidation of brake fluid , hydraulic parts, and ABS electronic components. Some are cheap to be repaired; some are staggeringly expensive! This service completely removes all oil and contaiminated fluid from the brake system. Restore proper hydraulic operation, reducing brake component wear and repairs.



      Cooling System Service

      Cooling System ServiceOur procedure removes sludge and contamination from inside the radiator and engine and maintains the coolnat pH the more acidic and corrosive the coolant becomes. Coolant should be changed every 2 years or 24,000 miles on most vehicles. Failure to service coolant can lead to water pump failure, radiator failure, shortened hose life, failed head gaskets and many other costly failures.




      Differential System Service

      Differential System ServiceThe driveline consists of a rear differential, a transfer case (on 4 wheel drive vechicles) and a front differential. The driveline is the component that transfers the power of the engine directly to the wheels. When gear lube is left in for too long, it no longer has the ability to fight friction and heat. The result is premature wear and eventally failiure occurs. Additionally, differential noise and “slip-sticking” on positrack systems can be annoying. This service removes worn out gear oil and replaces it with new technology synthetic lubricants.



      Power Steering System Service

      This is a relatively new process that helps prevent the failure of seals and gaskets inside the power steering pump and steering rack. In the past, power steering fluid deteriorates much sooner due to significantly higher operating temperatures and pressures. Fluid deterioration an be credited with an estimated 300% increase in power steering repairs over the past fifthteen years. Power steering servicing prevents most expensive power steering failures.




      Transmisssion System Service

      Transmission System ServiceThis service softens and removes normal contamination from this inside of the transmission. It is especially helpful in removing debris that collects inside the torque converter. Because the torque converter spins at a high rate of speed, debris from dirt and wear particles suspended in the transmission fluid is spun outward inside the converter and builds up on its inner surfaces. Debris continues to build until it reaches a sufficient thickness to begin flaking off in chunks. The chunks of debris restrict the flow of fluid through very small passages inside the transmission. Reduced fluid flow causes the transmission to overheat leading to rapid wear of automatic transmission clutches and premature transmission failure. Routine transmission flushing can double or triple the life of your automatic transmission. It is one of the most cost beneficial services you can perform.