Auto Repair Shop for Island Residents of Vashon

  • Island residents of Vashon still look for an experienced and fast auto repair shop.
  • Regular car repair shop visits can extend the life of vehicles exposed to the elements.
  • Emergency auto repair shop services at the right time prevents further vehicle problems.

From performing simple oil or filter changes, to bigger jobs like head gasket or radiator repair, an experienced auto repair shop does a lot to keep vehicles in tip-top shape.

Despite largely depending on ferry transportation, residents of Vashon still need to have their vehicles serviced.

What brings residents to Vashon is a small town lifestyle without being out of reach from major cities like Tacoma and Seattle. What makes it even more special is that the town of Vashon is contained entirely on the island of Vashon, or, Vashon Island. Despite being a small island community, Vashon Island always has some big things going on. From Vashon Center for the Arts to Vashon Theater, Vashon surprises with a thriving creative and entertainment scene. On top of that, Vashon-ers can easily walk through a sprawling park system and soak in the breath-taking views of Puget Sound from just about anywhere on the island.