Auto Repair Shop Lakeland South

Finding a quality auto repair shop is essential!

  • Tired of having broken, unreliable car?
  • Have you taken it to the mechanic again and again?
  • Are you told repairs will be unreasonably expensive?
  • Then choose us for an awesome local mechanic!
  • We treat you fairly and do great repairs at fair pricing!

Quality can mean different things to different people. At Federal Way Automotive & Radiator, we define quality as long-lasting auto repair, meaning you aren’t back in our auto repair shop the next week with the same issue. But we don’t just stop at doing high-quality work. Friendly service and affordable pricing are a must too! Our goal is to quickly see you on your way, and as much as we like to see you, we hope that you won’t have to come back anytime soon!

Wondering what it is your car mechanic is doing?

  • Is it hard to get information out of your auto repair shop?
  • Does it seem like they can never give you a straight answer?
  • Then give our amazing team a try instead!
  • We happily answer any repair questions that you have.
  • This includes anything you want to know about the bill as well!

If you aren’t familiar with cars, navigating your repair bill might seem like a nightmare. Spark plugs, calipers, axels, what do they all mean? Some mechanics take advantage of this and will charge as much as possible, like several hundred dollars for changing spark plugs on a diesel engine—when they don’t even have them! When you choose us, we’ll gladly answer any questions that you have about the repairs; just don’t go into the garage while we’re fixing your car!

Get trusted car service that you can count on!

  • Our mechanics are trustworthy and reliable.
  • We aren’t cheap—we’re just affordable and a great value!
  • With us, you won’t keep coming back for the same repair.
  • 35 years of experience makes us the top auto shop around.
  • You’re sure to be amazed by our competence and knowledge!

Getting a reliable car is one of the top reasons that people choose a specific vehicle. These vehicles tend to have low incidents of breakdowns because they are built well and function properly, even if they might not have your ideal look. But unfortunately, even the best-built cars will have issues over time. When this happens, you should look for a car service that’s just as reliable. And with 35 years of experience and great customer reviews, you’ll find it with us!

Come over to us for auto repair if you’re in Lakeland South!

The smaller of the two Lakeland regions, what Lakeland South lacks in population it makes up in character. Here, you can make a quick stop at JL Lakeside Grocery before going across the street to Five Mile Lake Park. Grabbing a fresh piece of fruit (or a candy bar) and then spending the day enjoying the natural scenery is a winning combination! And don’t forget to spend a while at the Five Mile Lake Playground for the little ones!

While the water will protect you from dangers like fires in the park, South King Fire & Rescue Station 61 patrols the rest of the region. With firefighters on staff 24 hours a day, they’re always prepared when you need them most, whether you’re near Enchanted Woods Apartments or Creature Comforts Kennels. And just like you can rely on those brave men and women protecting you, you can rely on us to get your car repair done right. We’ll make sure a shoddy repair job doesn’t start an engine fire they’ll have to put out!