Auto Repair Shop Lakeland North

Get the best auto repair shop Federal Way has to offer!

  • Have a gas or diesel engine in your vehicle?
  • It doesn’t matter! We’re good with all engine types.
  • We always start by doing essential repairs first.
  • We aren’t just any auto repair shop.
  • Choose us for great service and prices.

Choosing the right auto repair shop is an important decision. While many people think that any old shop will suffice, this isn’t the case. Going with someone just because they’re the closest might seem convenient, but in reality it can cost you thousands of extra dollars! Go with someone that’s truly convenient and choose Federal Way Automotive & Radiator to make sure the job gets done right!

Our mechanics are so good, it’s almost unfair!

  • Unsure if your old or new car is a lemon?
  • Let us start out with a comprehensive diagnostic!
  • We’ll check for short-term and lasting problems.
  • Then we can recommend if it’s worth repairing or not.
  • Our amazing crew will never lie or try to cheat you!

It might seem insane that some mechanics try to charge upwards of $100 per hour for labor. And while this may make it seem like the repairmen are making bank, this money is actually split among several crew members and much of it goes towards overhead. But be careful about car service companies that round! Some only bill in increments of fifteen minutes or even half an hour—even if the task only takes seconds. And those costs add up! We always treat you fairly so your hard-earned cash is spent where it should be; on fixing your car.

Car troubles? Our car service can handle just about all of them!

  • Are you salty because your car has that same problem again?
  • Did you just take it in for repair only for it to resurface?
  • Then come to the top local auto repair shop for help!
  • We can handle just about every car problem there is.
  • Our engaging, focused team will make sure the job’s done right!

Cars have a lot of moving parts. They are complicated pieces of machinery, requiring everything working in tandem to function properly. Unfortunately, all of these moving parts means that there are many opportunities for wear and tear to get the better of your vehicle. Some of these parts are more critical than others, and can even stall your car and stop it from moving! If you’re having troubles, let us assist you with our top-quality car service. We’ll eliminate the problem quickly so you can get back on the road again!

Why should you drive to us from Lakeland North?

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