What to do… Try these activity centers in Federal Way!

What kind of activity centers are there in Federal Way?

Some people like to spend all day at the park, and can do it day after day. Other people would rather stay at home, and are fine curling up on the couch streaming their favorite movie or TV show while eating a pizza. But then there are some people who like to go out, but are looking for something to do. And if you’re one of them, activity centers are some of the best options you have. Whether it’s rides, waterslides, video games, or using high-quality swimming and sports facilities, you’ll find at all in Federal Way. Feel free to head over to one of these places while Federal Way Automotive & Radiator fixes your car, and we’ll call you when we’re through!

What does Federal Way have that other cities don’t? Two words–Wild Waves!

As one of the most popular theme parks in Washington State, Wild Waves Theme & Water Park is a combination of a top-of-the-line water park and permanent rides. The water park is open during the summer months, typically from around Memorial Day to Labor Day. With several slides and pools, there are options for relaxing as well as excitement.  The warming tubs have no movement and are meant to calm down. On the opposite end, the Mountain Dew Slide Complex is full of twists, turns, dips and more! Pick one of the three slides depending on your level of intensity, and test your thrill-seeking limits!

But while the park is named after the water section, that isn’t close to all that Wild Waves has to offer. Adrenaline junkies can scream out on the Timberhawk Ride of Prey, Klondike Gold Rusher, or Lumberjack Falls, each with a different focus. But there are more leisurely rides for those craving a slower pace too. Bumper cars and the Ferris wheel are great for families, and young children can try out the Frog Hopper or Kiddie Combo. There’s more than enough to do!

Bowl for fun or in a league at Secoma Lanes!

Bowling takes a certain finesse to do properly. And it takes a lot of practice to get close to bowling a perfect 300. Start that practice now over at Secoma Lanes between 16th Ave S and Pacific Hwy S. With an in-house restaurant and lounge, bowl a few games and then eat what man locals hail as the “best burgers on the block”. With plenty of leagues and tournaments available for all levels of skill, you don’t have to worry about being outclassed!

Fight safely at Laser Quest

Laser tag is a thrilling game of skill, precision, and of course, a good amount of luck. Players break off into two teams and fight for the high score at Laser Quest. But this laser tag facility isn’t a typical, small arena; instead, it’s multi-level fun with music, fog, and more! Sessions include 15 minutes of playtime, except on Fridays and Saturday where they have a special 1-hour Ironman Game that’s twice as long, where the greats compete for supremacy. And of course, there are vending machines for a quick snack after an intense game too!

Enjoy the lights of laser tag, but if your check engine light comes on, bring your car to us!